Blue Ocean Brain Announces 2023 Content Theme
Blue Ocean Brain Announces 2023 Content Theme

Blue Ocean Brain Announces 2023 Content Theme

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The hybrid world of work is here to stay. So, what can we do to feel connected regardless of where we are? Having close connections can boost belonging, inclusion, engagement, and productivity at work. With remote and hybrid opportunities at an all-time high, today’s work environment emphasizes the importance of a positive employee experience and finding new ways to collaborate and innovate. Looking to build a connected corporate culture but unsure where to start? Blue Ocean Brain is here to help!

Announcing the 2023 content theme: Igniting Connections

Each year, the Blue Ocean Brain in-house content team conducts research, gathers client feedback, and polls our client success teams to take an updated pulse check on what’s on the minds of employee learners and their leaders. Their most recent data found consistent themes around strengthening connections, communication, and collaboration to support today’s workforce. Using that data, the team held planning and development sessions to map out subtopics to curate and build content that would resonate with our clients and learners all year long.

We are pleased to announce that Blue Ocean Brain’s 2023 content theme is Igniting Connections! Each month we will offer new lessons that will focus on a different aspect of how we connect in the workplace—from connections with our teams to our peers, our company mission, and even ourselves. We are also excited to continue featuring inspiring stories within our lessons, offering a glimpse into diverse lived experiences and examining how people continue to break barriers in their fields. We know our learners want to know how to build cross-functional team relationships, give actionable and inclusive feedback, and navigate difficult conversations.

Our content will help leaders and employees navigate these topics (and many more) and thrive in the ever-evolving nature of today’s digital workplace.

Connections across the workplace

A unifying message in our content this year will be to make workplace connections intentional. It can start with company culture, the employee experience, or a collective responsibility toward the work. But the common denominator is that workplace connection requires engagement from everyone. At Blue Ocean Brain, our in-house content team develops modern, relevant learning for employees at all stages of their careers. For example, the lessons we’ve created for people leaders will support them in creating a culture of connection within their teams. We recognize the invaluable role people leaders and managers have in building a bridge between employees and the organization’s objectives.

Those connections create employee and manager relationships rooted in trust and effective communication, paving the way for successful performance reviews, psychological safety, and inclusive growth opportunities. When leaders can successfully connect and motivate their people, it boosts the team’s cognitive diversity and creates a space for innovation to bloom.

For individual contributors, lessons will look at connecting with yourself and rekindling the spark in your work. One of the best ways for individual contributors to grow their careers is by maintaining a robust internal network of colleagues and mentors. To help with this, we designed their learning journey around expanding connections with people and receiving feedback. Research continues to point to a lack of career development opportunities as a top reason for employees to seek new opportunities. When individual contributors feel connected to company goals and know that their work makes a difference, they are less likely to fall prey to burnout or quiet quitting. Our lessons will help individual contributors find their passion and arm them with tools to take their careers to the next level.

People are seeking trusting relationships, both in the workplace and in life. Now more than ever, work relationships can be more challenging to cultivate and maintain. As we continue moving toward a new normal, fostering workplace connectivity is critical. These partnerships in the workplace are essential to helping your people feel valued, engaged, and productive. With so much competition for talent, organizations must prioritize employee development to attract, retain, and grow their people. Blue Ocean Brain’s Igniting Connections lessons will nurture these essential areas with content on connecting through dialogue, differences, community, giving space for mental wellness, and more.

We look forward to an exciting year of inspiring connections in the workplace and continued collaboration with our clients and learners to bring you the most relevant and just-in-time content to help connect your organization across a shared learning experience. For organizations wanting to learn more about how Blue Ocean Brain can support your employees through our award-winning microlearning, click here to schedule a consultation with one of our learning experts.

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