[New eBook] Solving the Talent Crisis with Talent Development
[New eBook] Solving the Talent Crisis with Talent Development

[New eBook] Solving the Talent Crisis with Talent Development

Employee Learning & Development, Company Culture   — 1 MIN


Organizations today are faced with a number of challenges related to managing critical people resources—from attracting and retaining talent to keeping staff engaged, to ensuring employees have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to meet business needs today and into the future.

What many overlook is one key win/win strategy to address all of these challenges—effective training and development. Not the stale, several-hour, mandated training sessions of pre-pandemic days, but flexible, relevant, easy-to-access, on-demand training. Training that employees can consume in short bursts when they need it—wherever they may be.

fc_2In How to Solve the Talent Crisis with Talent Development, we offer insights into how learning and development (L&D) drives employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Our guide offers an antidote to the post-COVID impacts on your company and its people, covering:

  • What employees value in L&D today
  • How talent development differs for the modern workforce
  • How to reshape the post-pandemic employee experience
  • L&D tactics to combat low engagement and turnover

Reshaping the employee experience

Today’s employees—especially Gen Y and Gen Z—value professional development and will decide where to work and for how long based on access to the tools they need to grow in their roles and career.

Talent development today is easier to consume, always available, accessible from wherever employees may be, and varied to meet their individual needs and interests.

The post-pandemic employee experience requires flexibility, personalization, and the recognition that employees’ lives are multi-faceted and not just focused on work demands.

If you can convince employees of the value of your L&D offerings, engage them, and keep them engaged, you can also keep them onboard and avoid the revolving door that many companies are dealing with today. What you’ve always done isn’t working. What many companies continue to do isn’t working.

This guide will help you align your L&D strategy with what today’s employees' value and what your organization needs to achieve strategic objectives.  

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