A Statement from Blue Ocean Brain Condemning Violence and Discrimination Against the Black Community

Blue Ocean Brain News   — 1 MIN


At this moment, it has become abundantly clear that a deep pain exists across our nation. Words like “united” and “one nation” are meaningless unless we are willing to recognize the hurt and fear provoked by the killing of George Floyd and a much longer painful history of racism in the United States and around the world.

Discrimination continues to rear its ugly head in everyday experiences. It is all around us, even when we choose not to look. In our healthcare system, our justice system, and in the quality of education our children receive. 

At Blue Ocean Brain, we realize understanding, good intent, and kind words are just one step. To create change, we must reexamine our own actions and then aggressively and authentically listen to those who can teach us so much more about what it’s like to feel ignored, to feel under suspicion, to feel seen but not heard, to feel threatened merely because of the color of their skin. In that spirit, as a leadership team we are making a meaningful donation to organizations committed to social justice, equality, and healing our communities. To our colleagues in the Black community: We are listening. You matter, your lives matter, and we value your contribution to work, communities, and society.

We know now is not the time to remain silent. We condemn the senseless violence against Black people, and we condemn White supremacy.