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How To Challenge Resistance To DEI Initiatives

How To Challenge Resistance To DEI Initiatives

Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Well-being   — 3 MIN

The Language of Disability in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion  


According to the World Health Organization, over 1 billion people live with some form of disability, which corresponds to about 15 percent of the world’s population. And yet many of us struggle with...

Adjusting to a Hybrid Work Model: A Colorful Approach

Hybrid Workforce, Company Culture  


If orange (or fuschia or green) is the new black, then hybrid is definitely the new normal, at least when it comes to work. Over the past year and a half, we’ve all learned to deal with more than our...

How to Become an Unconscious Bias Interrupter at Work

Diversity & Inclusion  


We’re often told as children to not interrupt, and many of us have come to associate the word “interruption” with negativity. But what if we didn’t?

Building a Hybrid Workplace Culture

Hybrid Workforce, Company Culture  


The way we work has shifted. Since the beginning of COVID-19, the pandemic spurred a sea change in how offices function, while forcing us to take a long look at what we want out of our jobs and need...

Five Big Things to Help You Grow Inclusive Leaders in 2021

Leadership Development  


Flashback to Elvis Presley’s 1968 hit, “A Little Less Conversation,” which made the case for less talk and more action. It was popular then, and while the implication is entirely different, it is...

eBook: Employee Well-Being and Mental Health

Employee Well-being  


Learning and leading toward a healthier workplace. In a recent survey, 46% of employees reported suffering from mental health issues. With workplace stress and anxiety on the rise, employee mental...

On-Demand Webcast: Strengthening Inclusion and Productivity in the World of Hybrid Work

Hybrid Workforce, Diversity & Inclusion  


On-Demand Webcast: Strengthening Inclusion and Productivity in the World of Hybrid Work Duration: 45 minutes After maneuvering the monumental shift to work-from-home in 2020, the new reality of...

How to Reduce Stress at Work: Modern Tips for People Leaders

Leadership Development, Employee Well-being  


Stress isn’t new. But it’s safe to say that over the past year and a half we’ve all become extra well acquainted with it. From drastic changes to long stretches of uncertainty to new worries, losses,...

Blue Ocean Brain Selected for Training Industry 2021 Online Learning Library Watch List

Blue Ocean Brain News  


For the second year in a row, Blue Ocean Brain has been chosen for Training Industry's Online Learning Library Watch List. The award is the second this year for Blue Ocean Brain, having previously...

On-Demand Webcast: 5 Ways Microlearning Helps Elevate the Employee Experience

Employee Learning & Development  


On-Demand Webcast: 5 Ways Microlearning Helps Elevate the Employee Experience Duration: 50 minutes The non-stop urgency of work seems to perpetually push learning into the backseat. But today's...

eGuide: Tackling Bias in the Talent Lifecycle

Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion  

Harness the power of microlearning journeys to build inclusive, equitable people leaders. From hiring to performance evaluations to succession planning, your people leaders have a direct and heavy...

Work From Home Life Hacks to Boost Your Mental Health

Hybrid Workforce  


As the elderly Rose said in the movie Titanic, “It’s been eighty-four years.” At least, that’s what it’s begun to feel like. A year into the pandemic, with many of us continuing to work from home,...

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