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Supporting the Caregiving Employees in Your Workforce

Supporting the Caregiving Employees in Your Workforce

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Company Culture, Employee Well-being   — 4 MIN

[Guide] Why L&D is the Key to Achieving Your Company Culture Goals

Employee Learning & Development, Company Culture  


[New Guide] If you're responsible for staff learning & development, chances are you're quite familiar with company executives having grandiose plans for evolving company culture. And those plans...

How Words and Actions Affect People with Disabilities

Diversity Equity & Inclusion  


What do you picture when you hear the word disability? Do you see someone in a wheelchair? Someone who cannot see or hear? What we think about disability is often influenced by society. In...

4 Reasons Your Company Culture Is Not Evolving

Company Culture, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  


“Culture is king.” “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” We’ve heard these phrases, and others like them, said over and over again, and, by and large, we believe them to be true. Yet even though...

Building Emotional Intelligence in Leaders

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Employee Learning & Development  


We know the importance of hard skills at work. No matter what field or service, it’s how leaders get the job done and tend to the bottom line. But there’s another set of skills we can’t ignore,...

How to Incorporate Collaborative Learning with Remote Teams

Employee Learning & Development, Hybrid Workforce  


As many teams continue to work remotely or in some type of hybrid manner, companies may feel that they’ve lost the opportunity for collaboration. That’s simply not true! Innovative companies and...

What Does It Mean to Other Someone?

Diversity Equity & Inclusion  


Remember the show Lost? A group of plane crash survivors on a supposedly deserted island discover they aren’t alone. There are others. Eventually, the situation devolves into “us” versus “them.” In...

What You Need to Include in Your Post-pandemic Employee Training

Employee Learning & Development  


What do today’s employees want after dealing with a disrupted world affecting how and where they work, how and where their children learn, and how they stay healthy? You may be surprised to find that...

How to Break the Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace

Company Culture, Employee Well-being  


These days, discussions about mental health, its challenges, and its importance, are more prevalent than ever. Yet, despite that, the stigma surrounding the issue remains. That’s likely because...

The 8 Benefits of Microlearning that Matter Most in 2022 and Beyond

Employee Learning & Development  


With hybrid work demands and the ongoing challenges of navigating life during a pandemic, employees have a lot on their plates. As such, their ability to dedicate hours on end to focus on learning is...

Blue Ocean Brain Wins Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards

Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Blue Ocean Brain News  


Blue Ocean Brain, a leading provider of workplace microlearning and professional development content, has won two coveted Brandon Hall Group awards in their Fall 2021 Excellence in Technology Program...

Blue Ocean Brain Joins the HSI Family of Companies

Blue Ocean Brain News  


FRISCO, Texas, Nov. 30, 2021 -- HSI, a leader in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, and professional development solutions, announced today it has acquired leading e-learning provider...

How to Create a Successful Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development  


If leaders are made and not born, leadership development is how we build them, right? While this effort is vital for organizations to grow their leaders, there is no universal way to develop a...

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