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Thriving in a Recession: Unleashing the Power of Employee Development and Strategic Planning

Thriving in a Recession: Unleashing the Power of Employee Development and Strategic Planning

Company Culture, Employee Well-being   — 4 MIN

On-Demand Webcast: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2021 Learning Trends

Employee Learning & Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  

This session offers the latest strategies for building cultures of diversity, equity and inclusion through employee learning opportunities. In this 45-min recording, we dive into the best DEI...

Video: Meet Blue Ocean Brain

Leadership Development, Employee Learning & Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  

In this 2-minute video, learn how Blue Ocean Brain delivers powerful microlearning around the topics most important to your business and your people.

eBook: Conquering Feedback: Strategies to Level-Up Workplace Feedback

Employee Learning & Development, Company Culture  

Giving and receiving feedback well doesn't come easy. Feedback, whether formal or in-the-moment, can drive employee growth. Or, it can cause defensiveness and mistrust. In order to work, feedback...

eGuide: Journey to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employee Learning & Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  

Many companies are ready to build or modernize their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) learning initiatives, but are missing the main ingredient: the content. Luckily, if you have a learning...

eBook: The Importance of Building Resilience for Times of Crisis

Employee Learning & Development, Employee Well-being  

The current global crisis affects not only our employees’ professional lives, but has engulfed their personal lives, leaving many to struggle to adapt. In this free ebook, you'll learn what sets...

Enerplus: Shifting Company Culture with Microlearning

Employee Learning & Development, Company Culture, Blue Ocean Brain News  


Enerplus is an independent North American exploration and production company focused on developing high-quality assets through a disciplined, returns-based capital program. Driven by operational...

On-Demand Webcast: Slam Dunks for the Lean Learning Team

Employee Learning & Development  

To lean L&D teams, time, manpower, and resources are tough to find, but goals, priorities, and KPIs are a-plenty. In this 40-minute on-demand webcast, we tackle your common challenges and offer...

8 Benefits of Microlearning (You May Not Have Considered)

Employee Learning & Development  


The principal benefits of microlearning—that it improves accessibility, retention, and application of learning—are clear. But there's more to the story of why microlearning is such an effective way...

Employee Development: Growing From the Inside Out

Employee Learning & Development  


It can be incredibly frustrating to have the potential to build your business or organization by boosting production and sales, but cannot seem to hire the workers you need to send your company into...

Developing Soft Skills Can Contribute Hard ROI

Employee Learning & Development  


When we think about the need for employee education programs, a lot of focus lands on “hard skills” - the abilities employees need to complete their specific jobs. While helping employees maintain...

Blending Microlearning and Instructor-led Training: When and Why

Employee Learning & Development  


Generally speaking, we all like shiny new things. When scrolling through our social media feeds or checking out what's new on Netflix, our minds enjoy moving from one item to the next. Microlearning...

MetLife Deploys Microlearning As Key to Engagement for New Learning Portal

Employee Learning & Development, Blue Ocean Brain News  


The Challenge Learning leaders at MetLife were poised to launch a new digital learning portal that would re-engineer how their claims associates access learning. The portal would serve as a central...

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