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How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Employee Learning & Development, Company Culture   — 3 MIN

Tackling Systemic Racism at Work

Diversity Equity & Inclusion  


What is systemic racism? To define racism, we must step back to define what it is not. It is not (just) prejudice. Racial prejudice is a belief that certain types of people are inherently better than...

Creating a Feedback Culture: 7 Tips for Getting It Right

Leadership Development, Company Culture  


Even the best communicators can recoil at the idea of giving—or worse, receiving—feedback. But feedback in the workplace is what drives growth and innovation. It's the difference between status quo...

eGuide: Journey to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employee Learning & Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  

Many companies are ready to build or modernize their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) learning initiatives, but are missing the main ingredient: the content. Luckily, if you have a learning...

How to Reduce Hiring Bias to Build a More Diverse Talent Pipeline

Leadership Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  


As businesses around the world work toward supporting inclusion and diversity initiatives, they’re discovering that building an inclusive culture starts with ensuring they have a diverse employee...

Blue Ocean Brain Selected for Training Industry 2020 Online Learning Library Watch List

Blue Ocean Brain News  


Pioneering microlearning firm Blue Ocean Brain has been chosen for Training Industry's 2020 Online Learning Library Watch List. The award is the second this year for Blue Ocean Brain, having...

Talking About Race in the Workplace

Company Culture, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  


As companies in the United States rally to make changes to support our Black employees and become more inclusive environments for black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), ideas such as hiring...

A Pandemic Is Not the Time to Hit Pause on Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Hybrid Workforce, Diversity Equity & Inclusion  


These are unprecedented times, and alongside health concerns and uncertainties about the future another issue has arisen: the scaling back of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

A Statement from Blue Ocean Brain Condemning Violence and Discrimination Against the Black Community

Blue Ocean Brain News  


At this moment, it has become abundantly clear that a deep pain exists across our nation. Words like “united” and “one nation” are meaningless unless we are willing to recognize the hurt and fear...

5 Tips for Working from Home (and Liking It)

Hybrid Workforce, Employee Well-being  


Before the coronavirus significantly altered our work lives, traditional work environments were already beginning to adapt to modern workplace trends. Offices were offering more opportunities for...

6 Skills for Leading Through Disruption

Leadership Development, Employee Well-being  


With the spread of COVID-19 and the economic and social shifts we’re all experiencing in its wake, learning how to lead through disruption is more important than ever. As our situations change, so...

eBook: The Importance of Building Resilience for Times of Crisis

Employee Learning & Development, Employee Well-being  

The current state of the world affects not only our employees’ professional lives, but has engulfed their personal lives, leaving many to struggle to adapt. In this free ebook, you'll learn what sets...

Enerplus: Shifting Company Culture with Microlearning

Employee Learning & Development, Company Culture, Blue Ocean Brain News  


Enerplus is an independent North American exploration and production company focused on developing high-quality assets through a disciplined, returns-based capital program. Driven by operational...

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